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Daniel Phelps,   cider merchant (Tibberton),   page 55
Washborn Bros,   wine merchants (Gloucester),   page 56
Francis Wintle,   maltster, brewer, miller (Mitcheldean),   pages 56,57
E Harding & Co,   mineral waters (Gloucester),   page 57

Brick and Terra cotta
Stonehouse Brick & Tile Co,   bricks (Stonehouse),   page 43

Chemicals and Essences
J M Collett & Co,   chemicals, essences (Gloucester),   page 58
Lydbrook Chemical Co,   chemicals (Lydbrook),   page 58

Robert Gifford,   cycles (Gloucester),   page 20

Enamelled Slate
Phoenix Enamelled Slate Co,   enamelled slate (Gloucester),   page 45
Sessions & Sons,   enamelled slate (Gloucester),   pages 46,47
Gee & Co, enamelled slate (Gloucester),   page 48

Estate Development
Toddington Estate (Winchcombe),   page 69

Roberts & Starr, florists & nursreymen (Gloucester),   page 59

Food Products
J Reynolds & Co, flour mill (Gloucester),   page 49
Priday Metford & Co, flour mill (Gloucester),   page 50
E J C Palmer, flour mill (Gloucester) page 50
Turner Knott & Co, corn merchants (Gloucester),   page 51
Cheltine Foods (Cheltenham) pages 52,53
Hillier’s Bacon Curing Co, bacon and sausages (Nailsworth),   page 53
Gloucester Ice Co, ice (Gloucester),   page 53
Gloucester Dairy Supply, dairy products (Gloucester) page 54
T W Beach & Sons, fruit jams (Winchcombe),   page 55

Games and Picture Blocks
Roberts Brothers, games & picture blocks (Gloucester),   pages 42,43

Origin of Gloucestershire industries page 73
Gloucestershire geology pages 74,75
City of Gloucester pages 76,77

Handicraft Arts
Guild of Handicraft (Chipping Campden),   page 62

Iron and Engineering
Gloucester Railway Carriage and Waggon Works Co, railway carriages (Gloucester),   page 5
Summers & Scott, engineering (Gloucester),   pages 6,7
William Gardner & Sons, flour mill equipment (Gloucester),   page 8
R A Lister & Co, engineering (Dursley),   page 9
Newman Hender & Co, brass & iron founders (Woodchester),   page 10,11
W S Barron, milling engineers (Gloucester),   page 11
W Sisson & Co, steam engines (Gloucester),   page 11
Leonard Thomas & Co,spade manufacturing (Coaley, Dursley),   page 11
Excelcior Engineering Co, engineering (Bowbridge Stroud),   page 12
J M Butt & Co, engineering (Gloucester),   pages 12,13
Torrance & Sons, paint grinding machinery (Bitton),   page 13
Kell & Company, engineers iron founders (Gloucester),   page 14
Jehu Shipway & Sons, engineering (Ebley, Stroud),   page 14
The Iron and Hardware Co, ironmongers (Gloucester),   page 15
Dudbridge Ironworks, gas and oil engines (Stroud),   page 16
Gloucester Iron & Metal Co, factors to engineering trade (Gloucester),   page 16
Stroud Metal Co, brass founders umbrella furniture (Dudbridge Stroud),   page 17

Leather Goods
Holloway Son & Co, leather goods (Gloucester),   page 59

Oil and Cake Mills
Foster Brothers, oil and cake mills (Gloucester),   page 51

Paper Making
Evans Adlard & Co, paper making (Winchcombe),   pages 60,61

Paper Bag Making
Wellington & Co, paper bag making (Gloucester),   page 63

Arthur H Pitcher, photography (Gloucester),   page 61
F Frith & Co, photography (Charfield),   page 61

Pins, Hair Pins Hooks and Eyes
Gloucester Pin Manufacturing Co (Gloucester),   pages 17,18
Watkins & Okey, pins (Painswick),   page 18
W H Cole & Co, pins (Painswick),   pages 18,19
Savory & Sons, pins (Painswick),   page 19
Critchley Brothers, pins (Brimscombe Stroud),   page 20

Portable Buildings
William Calway, portable buildings (Gloucester),   page 21

Printing and Publishing
F Frith & Co, photography (Charfield),   page 61
Guild of Handicraft, Chipping Campden,   page 62
Wellington & Co, paper bag making (Gloucester),   page 63
Chance & Bland, printing publishing (Gloucester),   pages 64,65
J Bellows, printing publishing (Gloucester),   page 66
L A Smart, printing (Gloucester),   page 66, page 81(advert.)

Railway and Road Vehicles
Gloucester Railway Carriage and Waggon Works Co,(Gloucester),   page 5
C Healey & Son, road vehicles (Gloucester),   page 59

Sanitary and Economic Association (Gloucester),   page 72

Sculpture and Carving
H C Frith, sculpture (Gloucester),   pages 44,45

Ship Canal
Sharpness New Docks G&B Bham Nav Co (Sharpness),   page 70,71

John Milton Jones and Co, ‘Jones’s Specialities’ (Gloucester),   page 66

Alfred Thomas, taxidermy (Gloucester),   page 72

D Gore Boodle & Co, teeth (Gloucester),   page 67
W Sutton Gardner, teeth (Cheltenham),   page 68

Textile and Cloth Fabrics
Tubbs, Lewis & Company, (Kingswood, Wotton-under-Edge),   pages 22, 23
Hunt & Winterbotham, Ltd., (Cane Mills, Dursley),   page 24
Chas. Hooper & Sons, Ltd., (Stonehouse),   page 24
Millman, Hunt & Co., and Samuel Long & Co., (Wotton-under-Edge),   page 25
Robert S Davis & Sons, (Stonehouse),   page 25
Apperley, Curtis & Company, Ltd., (Dudbridge, Stroud),   pages 26-28
P. C. Evans Sons, (Brimscombe, near Stroud),   page 28
Humphreys ~; Company (Stroud),   pages 28, 29
Roberts, Jowlings & Company, (Stroud),   page 29
W. Walker & Sons, Ltd., (Nailsworth, Stroud),   page 29
Gloucester Shirt Company, (Gloucester),   page 30
C. Parker & Company, (Gloucester),   page 31
John. B. Champion & Sons, (Dursley),   page 31
Johns & Sons, (Gloucester),   page 57

Timber and Wood-Working
Price, Walker & Company, Ltd., (Gloucester),   pages 32-34
Nicks R Company, (Gloucester),   page 35
Webb & Spring, (Ryeford, Stroud),   pages 35 and 81
Drake& Company, (Nailsworth, Stroud),   page 35
Matthews & Company, Ltd, (Gloucester),   pages 36, 37
Ashbee, Son, & Company, (Gloucester),   page 38
Gloucester Joinery Company Ltd., (Gloucester),   page 38
Wm. Wibby,(Gloucester),   page 38
Chalford Stick Company, Ltd., (Chalford, Stroud),   page 39
A C. Harrison & Company, Ltd., (Chalford, Stroud),   pages 39, 40
Hatherley Works, (Gloucester) Page 40
James Constance & Sons, (Longhope, near Gloucester),   pages 40, 41
Ireland & Company, (Gloucester),   page 41
J. S. Moreland & Son, (Gloucester),   page 41