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County Summary
Population Tables: Index to Placenames
Key to Codes Used
The Original Article and Tables (published in 1907)


These web pages have been prepared for use in schools and for local and family historians or indeed anyone with an interest in Gloucestershire’s past.

They give the populations for towns, villages and sometimes hamlets in the county at 10 year intervals throughout the 19th century. Details are given for the individual parishes of the Cities of Bristol and Gloucester.

The tables are based on the eleven censuses taken beween 1801 and 1901. The area covered is essentially ‘Old Gloucestershire’ (that is the county as it was in 1974) and the City of Bristol. The area of each location is given along with additional information for most places as described in the key to codes used in the tables. A note about boundary changes affecting Gloucestershire in the 19th century is available. It is advisable to read the notes that appear below before accessing the tables.

The data have been taken from Volume II of the Victoria History of Gloucestershire published in 1907. This was the first of the Gloucestershire volumes to be published for the project which was started in 1899 and continues today. For each county there is or is planned a set of volumes, containing both `general’ and topographical’ chapters. The general chapters cover on a county-wide footing subjects such as prehistory and ecclesiastical and economic history. The topographical chapters give a comprehensive, fully referenced account of each city, town, and village in the county.

The volumes are gradually creating an encyclopaedic history of the counties, based on original research and ranging from earliest times to the present, an indispensable source for students of English society. Fourteen county sets are complete.

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County Summary

The Population of Gloucestershire 1801-1901 (Summary Table for the Whole County)

Population Tables: Index to Placenames

Depending on the initial letter of the placename of interest click on the appropriate link below.

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However, before using the tables please note the following:-

  • Some locations were not part of Gloucestershire thoughout the whole period 1801-1901 (e.g. Kingswood near Wotton-under-Edge)
  • Some locations were divided between two counties (e.g. Welford )
  • Some locations are no longer part of Gloucetershire (e.g. Ashton-under-Hill)
  • Some locations were split between two or more hundreds (e.g Almondsbury )
  • Individual places were grouped in administrative units called ‘hundreds’ in the original publication. For convenience the place-names in the web pages have been reordered in alphabetical order .
  • Codes used (see below)
  • Bristol see individual parishes (list)
  • Gloucester see individual parishes (list)

Key to the Codes Used

(More explanation is given on a separate page and the introductory article of 1907).

‘e’ – the area of that location has been estimated.
† – the parish was affected by the Divided Parishs Acts
* – The place had a Union Workhouse in use in (or before) 1851 and was still in use in 1901.
‡ –   the ecclesiastical parish of the same name at the 1901 census is coextensive with such parish (or place).
# – the figure may be included esleware in the web tables or it not available please check the original tables using the PDF files).

The Original Article and Tables (published in 1907)

Click here to view the introduction to the original tables.

Images of the original table and have been made available in Portable Document Format (PDF) files which can be downloaded. If you need a free copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the PDF files go to www.adobe.com .

The page number in the 1907 book corresponding to each entry is shown as a link such as 175 on the right hand side of the web pages.

To download the whole of the 1907 table in PDF format click whole table (770K) and for individual pages in the range 175-187 click the appropriate page number below.

175   176   177   178   179   180   181   182   183   184   185   186   187   whole table

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