A detailed account of brickmaking in the County in the early 20th century was published in 1909-11. The two-part article may be downloaded as a single PDF file (2.5MB) here.

Stonehouse Brick and Tile Company: Demolition of Chimney 1965

Richardson, L. and Webb, R. J., Brickearths, Pottery & Brickmaking in Gloucestershire
Proceedings of the Cheltenham Natural Science Society, Part 1: Volume 1 (4) pp. 223-232 (1909-10); Part 2: Volume 1 (5) pp. 315-319 (1911).

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Stonehouse Brick and Tile Company

This was one of the major brick manufacturers in the area. They opened their works on a site just north of Stonehouse (Great Western) railway station in about 1890. The brickworks chimney was the largest chimney in Gloucestershire (202 feet) until it was demolished in 1965. The works closed soon after in 1968.

A history of the company was published in 1997 and may be downloaded here as a PDF file (350kB).

Wilson, Ray, The Stonehouse Brick and Tile CompanyGloucestershire Society for Industrial Archaeology Journal for 1997 pp. 14-26.