Quick guide
Maps 1900: Displaying Historical Ordnance Survey Mapping (MBTiles) on a GPS Enabled Smart Phone or Tablet – A Quick Guide       [Download]

Using the Locus Map 4 app to display the maps
Maps 1900: Instructions for Viewing Large Scale Historic Mapping on a GPS Enabled Device Using the Locus Map 4 App       [Download]

Creating your own maps (i.e. atlases)
Maps 1900: Mobile Atlas Creator (MOBAC): Notes on Creating Atlases (Custom Maps)       [Download]

Tips and updates
(Material not yet included in the Documentation)       [Download]

Discussion paper
Making Large Scale Historic Mapping Available on GPS Equipped Mobile Devices, Ray Wilson, May 2022 [Download]
This paper was produced in May 2022 and examines the available options at the time for the creation and display of historic mapping on mobile devices and it explains how the current approach was arrived at. It may be of interest to anyone looking to develop the techniques employed in this project.

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