Anthony H Done (1920 – 2004)

Mr Anthony Done was born in Hucclecote Gloucester. He went to the Crypt Grammar School, which at the time was in Greyfriars, Southgate St, Gloucester. He subsequently visited the City Library in Brunswick Road, where in the Main Entrance Hall was a hygrometer, this fascinated him and he began keeping weather records, something he did for the rest of his life. He went onto work for the Metrological Office. This employment took him to London. Here he was able to read the original copies of the Gloucester Journal in the British Library. Mr Done was dismissive of the importance of the work that he had done; he would wave his hands as if to say, “Well who will use this index?”. A quiet man who has provided a valuable index for historians, students, and researchers, in the past, at the present and into the future. We all owe him a big debt of gratitude.

The Extracts

These are divided into six sections in the orginal paper form. At present only Sections B (Public Services Amenities and Administration), D (Industry, Trade and Commerce) and E (Transport and Communications) are available on line.


The late Graham Baker (Gloucester Library) and Paul Evans (Gloucestershire Archives) kindly supplied copies of the index. I am also most grateful to Rosealeen Lane for providing the biographical note and to Hugh Conway-Jones for checking the computerised version of part E of the index.

Ray Wilson

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