Searches may be made using single keywords (e.g. London Coach) and phrases (in double quotes e.g. “horse tram”).   Use the usual three operators [and , or, not] between single keywords and phrases to limit the range of the search.  If you do not put an “and” or “or” between items then an “and” is automatically assumed.  You can also use brackets (…..), to group items e.g. (London or Bristol) and coach.

Searches are case insensitive (i.e. lower case letters will match both upper case (capital) and lower case letters.

Keywords will match all words containing the keyword, e.g. man will match   man, Manning, trowman etc.

All the items in a given year may be retrieved by entering that year as four digits (e.g. 1804) in the search box. Similarly all the entries in a given month may be retrieved by entering the year followed by a hyphen, followed by the number of the month (e.g. 1804-09). Please note that you should not enter any other search terms when using this facility.

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