This is an online version of the Gloucester Cathedral library catalogue that was compiled by Suzanne Eward in 1973. The online version was produced by Dr Ray Wilson at the request of the late Christopher Jeans soon after Mr Jeens took up his appointment as Cathedral Archivist and Librarian in 2009.

Optical character recognition (OCR) was employed on images obtained by scanning a copy of the printed catalogue. Errors introduced by the OCR process have been corrected as far as possible but inevitably some will remain (particularly in the case of e.g. Greek words and phrases). Therefore users should not rely on the online catalogue alone and in some cases may wish to check their findings against the the printed catalogue. However, providing this limitation is kept in mind, the online catalogue has proved very useful to users of the library who would otherwise be restricted to using the printed catalogue alone.

Enter your search terms in the relevant boxes and press enter.

Searches may be made using single keywords (e.g. London Coach) and phrases (in double quotes e.g. “horse tram”).   Use the usual three operators [and , or, not] between single keywords and phrases to limit the range of the search.  If you do not put an “and” or “or” between items then an “and” is automatically assumed.  You can also use brackets (…..), to group items e.g. (London or Bristol) and coach.

Searches are case insensitive (i.e. lower case letters will match both upper case (capital) and lower case letters.

Keywords will match all words containing the keyword, e.g. man will match   man, Manning, ploughman etc.

Explanation of the results

Each entry in the results contains all or some of the following items in the same order.

Heading – normally the Author (in bold), Title, Edition, Imprint, Foliation and Pagination, Illustrations, Size, Bindings and Pastedowns Shelfmark, Wheeler reference, Wing reference, Herbert reference, STC reference, Notes, Donor (in italics) and shelfmark (in bold).

They are explained in detail in the printed catalogue or you should consult the Cathedral Archivist.

Please email us with any comments or corrections.

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