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Gloucestershire Population Tables 1801-1901

Summary Table for the Whole County

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Year Population
1801 250,723
1811 285,955
1821 336,190
1831 387,398
1841 431,495
1851 458,805
1861 485,777
1871 534,646
1881 572,433
1891 600,056
1901 664,843

The Area of the what was described as the "Ancient or Geographical County" in the 1907 table was 795,709 acres (see footnote). This is equivalent to about 1243 square miles or 322,000 hectares)

Footnote to 1907 Table

Ancient County - The county as defined by 7 & 8 Vic. c. 61, which altered Gloucestershire to the following extent :- (1) Added to Gloucestershire, Kingswood and Poulton parishes (from Wilts), parts of Iccomb ancient parish viz. Church Iccomb township, and Overbury ancient parish, viz, the hamlets of Little Washbourne and Alstone (from Worcestershire); (2) severed from Gloucestershire, Widford and Shenington ancient parishes (to Oxfordshire) Little Compton and Sutton-under-Brailes ancient parishes (to Warwickshire). Minty ancient parish (to Wiltshire) and part of Lea ancient parish, viz. Lea Lower (to Herefordshire). In addition to these changes part of Broughton Poggs ancient parish, viz. Great Lemhill Farm, and part of Great Barrington ancient parish were also added to Gloucestershire by the same statute, from Oxfordshire and Berkshire respectively; these areas, however, had always been returned with Gloucestershire. The area is taken from the 1901 Census Volume. (See also notes to Welford and Bristol.)