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...to this collection of pictures and notes relating to the industrial archaeology and history of the woollen cloth industry in the Dursley area.  They are intended for use as source material for school local history projects.  A few pictures from a wider area have been included as additional background material on the local cloth industry.

The document is designed to work with Netscape Navigator 3.0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 Web browsers. It is our first attempt to put Information Technology to use as a resource for the study of industrial archaeology. The author, Ray Wilson, of the Gloucestershire Society for Industrial Archaeology invites comments and suggestions for the next edition. Please send them to the address given in the postscript.

 Permission is hereby granted for users to print copies of any screen for use in school projects.  However, the document may not be passed on to other parties without the written consent of the author.   Please note that nearly all the sites are private property and should not be visited without the express permission of the owners.

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