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A list of Online Map Sources for Local Historians

National Library of Scotland (NLS) Map Library

Ordnance Survey (OS) maps at 1inch 2½ inch 6 inch and 25 inch to the mile

England and Wales

1 inch (1:63360)   1892-1908,   1945-1947,   1952-1961

2½ inch (1:25000)   1937-1961

6 inch (1:10560)   1842-1952

25 inch (1:2500) for Gloucestershire (Three editions) 1880s - 1920s

Know Your Place – West of England

This is a digital mapping project that is "putting your neighbourhood’s heritage on the map."

Introduction or follow these links for direct access to the available areas:-

Bath and North East Somerset



South Gloucestershire


This has a number of historic maps of Gloucestershire


OS 1 Inch First Edition Gloucestershire

Bryant Gloucestershire 1824

Greenwood Gloucestershire 1824

Atkinson Forest of Dean 1847


The MAGIC website provides authoritative geographic information about the natural environment from across government.

Information is provided in map layers and you can select what you want. (e.g. land use, soils, habitats, SSSI)

It uses the most up to date 6 inch (1:10000) mapping and provides current administrative boundaries.

Walk Lakes

Provides access to current 2½ inch to the mile OS (Explorer) mapping for whole of England, Scotland and Wales (and various other smaller scales)

[but must register for 2½ inch mapping - free]

Very useful for walkers as you can 'draw' a route on-screen and the site calculates distance and you can download the route as a GPX file to use on a phone or tablet.

Where's The Path

Again designed for walkers. It shows 'map' view and 'aerial' view in two panels side by side on the screen. Move the cursor on one screen and the cursor on the other screen moves to the corresponding point


Current 2½ inch to the mile OS (Explorer) mapping for whole of England, Scotland and Wales (and various other scales)

Other Sources

Old-Maps website (commercial site with full old OS mapping but can view small areas free of charge)

Google Maps (includes aerial photography)

Bing maps (includes aerial photography)

Gloucestershire public rights of way map (very large scale current OS mapping)

Glos County Council Mapping Tool (very large scale current OS mapping)

Grab a Grid Reference (similar to Where's the path)

OpenStreetMap (Open source mapping project)

Geograph (gives current OS mapping at 6 inch (1:10000) scale for given 1km grid square)